Hurricane Dream Interpretation

What does a hurricane indicate? What does a hurricane in a dream mean? Hurricane dreams are often associated with destruction and harm. In fact, in the dream, the hurricane can symbolically represent the destructive external forces that affect our lives.  Let’s look at the hurricane dream meaning and interpretation.

Hurricane Dream Meaning

Hurricane dreams have two main elements: destructive and destroyed. Therefore, for the interpretation of these dreams, you must first try to understand which of these two elements is on your side. In a dream, a hurricane can be a symbol of all the dangers that will shake your stability and comfort.

This dream can sometimes be a warning to the order you have made with your own hands and that all your gains are in danger. This dream should actually be interpreted depending on the effect of the hurricane sweeping and destroying. A strong hurricane warns you that some changes that will destroy the order in your life. Briefly, the hurricane in the dream tells you that you must say goodbye to something.

Sometimes the hurricane actually is representative of the destructive external forces that come to destroy the old so that the new one enters your life. Just as you need to completely demolish the old building to build a new one, you must give up old ones to make space for something new.

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Hurricane in Your Dream

Here, the severe and destructive hurricane seen in the dream may actually be the symbol of all the external forces that will destroy and sweep the old in your life to lead to the new. Therefore, the hurricane is sometimes a dream that is considered as the eve of change and innovation for you. In this dream, you need to focus on exactly what the tornado took away from you. In a dream, a hurricane is sometimes related to angry situations and the damage you do to your own life or environment after that anger. You should interpret this dream by looking at who or what was affected by the hurricane.

If you’ve seen a hurricane in your dream, you’re experiencing tornadoes or emotional outbursts in your inner world. This dream sometimes brings you warning that you can get up with anger and sit in harm. If you see in the dream that the hurricane comes and doesn’t harm you, you may actually experience a sudden outburst and calm down afterward. In hurricane dreams, you can also see a swirling vortex-like a round spiral.

Therefore, these dreams are sometimes symbolically related to external orientation, a movement towards the center, or return to the essence. But this inner orientation is usually directed out of your control and without your will. If you get caught up in a vortex of a hurricane very violently in your dream, you will find no other way but to keep up with the inevitable changes.

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Seeing a Tornado in a Dream 

A tornado in a dream is about your character. It means that you can make sensible decisions by consulting people around you. Seeing a tornado in the sea indicates that you will be very lucky in the future. You will marry a good and friendly person and live a happy life.

In this article, we explained the hurricane dream interpretation above. You can share your dreams with us by posting a comment.


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