Abortion Dream Interpretation

What does abortion symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about having an abortion? In the most general sense, having an abortion in a dream is something to remove from our lives and go on without it. Abortion is about to say goodbye to something, even if it is essential for us, to continue his life without him. For a pregnant woman, this dream is sometimes an extreme fear of losing. Let’s look at the abortion dream meaning in the rest of the text.

Abortion Dream Meaning

Sometimes having an abortion in a dream is a sign of abandoning the old for the new after a sudden decision. You either want to get rid of some burdens and responsibilities or have decided to take something out of your life. For some, abortion means terminating a relationship, quitting work, or saying goodbye to old goals or objectives for new purposes. In short, having an abortion in a dream is to decide not to continue a process that has already been started. Abortion also is a dream of separation. It can mean separation or divorce with a partner.

Having an Abortion

Each of the fetuses taken as a result of abortion is a dream is regrets of past mistakes. It is also the subconscious message of too late. You probably remind of a mistake made in the past, or you regret something about you have not done. The person who has this dream must think well before making some decisions. In the dream, the dead fetus can sometimes be the representative of things that cause stressful days and problems.

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A Pregnant Woman

In the dream, the pregnant woman or each of the pregnant women is representative of the projects that are in the process of development and growth in certain areas of our lives. Every little detail about our life that we think is growing up or going forward. In this type of dream, you should focus on the month of pregnancy, because this time can be a passport. For example, in a dream, six months pregnant woman is the representative of a project or idea for which we have been preparing for six months.

Or, rather than having this idea for six months, it may be the representative of a project or a plan that we think will end in three months. However, it does not necessarily mean that it will always be. Seeing nine months pregnant woman in a dream can be representative of everything that is in your hand. ‘Pregnancy Dream Meaning’.


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