Chandelier Dream Interpretation

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Chandelier Dream Interpretation

It signifies the woman and the happiness that comes with her. The dusty and dimmed chandelier signifies home unrest, broken crystals or missing chandelier damage to the property, small crystals of the chandelier signify the child.

A person who sees a bright chandelier in his dream will get rid of his troubles and attain comfort. But if the chandelier is not lit, that means it will take time. If the chandelier burns out suddenly, there will be a sudden joy.

To see a chandelier or lampshade in your dream indicates that a good and eventually profitable one will enter. If the lamps in the chandelier are lit, this light will occur very soon; If it is not lit, it is interpreted that time is needed. Anyone who sees that he buys a chandelier in his dream, a new one is thrown away and he gets great benefit from it. According to another rumor: Seeing a chandelier in a dream and turning on its lamps indicates an increase in business life and getting rid of money troubles. Turning off the lamps of the chandelier indicates the stagnation of the dream owner’s work. To break the chandelier in a dream is a sign of death.

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