Cloud Dream Interpretation

What do clouds symbolize? What does touching the clouds mean? In the dream, the cloud or clouds are, in the most general sense, representative of inaccessible things and higher power. The clouds in the dream represent levels that are never reachable and cannot be reached. Clouds are the markers of moving away from the ground, climbing high, rising in the career or reaching to the top. Let’s look at the dream meaning of clouds.

Cloud Dream Meaning

This dream can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the type of clouds. A cloud in the blue sky in a dream indicates that you will focus on some ideas or thoughts. This dream is also a sign of mental awareness. In the dream, black or gray clouds are mental toxins and negative thoughts, and the mind must be cleansed of these thoughts as soon as possible. People who see that these black clouds are large enough to cover the sky should seek help from a professional to save themselves from this negative thought. Therefore, cloudy weather is related to question marks or thoughts in the human mind. The color of the clouds is also significant in dreams. White clouds always represent promising ideas or thoughts, but clouds in black or gray tones are depression, pessimism, or negative thoughts that adversely affect our lives.

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Black and Dark Clouds

The color of the clouds in the dream is essential in the interpretation of this dream. Clouds in black or gray tones always represent depression or negative thoughts. In fact, in the dream, the sky reflects the human mind, and everything in the sky reflects the clarity of the human mind. Therefore, seeing the sky covered with black clouds in the dream is a sign of despair and pessimism. This dream can be seen when you have to deal with too many problems simultaneously. Check “Black Dream Interpretation”

Being On The Clouds

It is good to be on the clouds in the dream. You are either presented with an unrealistic offer or will benefit from someone in a very high position. It also is described as discovering your talents clouds and presenting that skill to humanity. Thanks to that talent, you will rise in your career. In short, climbing above the clouds means discovering one’s inner potential and dealing with the creativity of the mind. If one uses and advances this creativity, she or he will come to very good levels.

Touching To Clouds

Touching the clouds in a dream is too delicate to reach big dreams or achieve the impossible. Sometimes this dream is about accomplishing something that everyone says never happens. Touching clouds in a dream also maybe to meet the president or talk to a very desirable celebrity.

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