Flock of Sheep Dream Interpretation

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To see a sheep in a dream means a chaste, honorable and respectable woman; It is a sign of booty, child, good and fruitful property. Going after a sheep in a dream means following a woman; milking a sheep or eating its meat will bring goodness, sustenance and blessing; grazing sheep is a sign of being a manager. A flayed sheep signifies the death of someone.

To see a flock of sheep in a dream, obedient and docile people; dirty sheep to people who are dirty and insect-bearing; Both the black and white of the sheep indicate goodness, and its head and legs indicate booty.

To see a sheep’s tail in a dream refers to a woman’s property, abundant blessings or an oath. Milking sheep in a dream means getting along well with people, knowing political science well, and sustenance; A sheep swimmer denotes a chief or officer who oppresses the people. Aries, to an honorable and respected person; the wool and tail of the ram from an honorable person to a property or to marry his daughter; The lamb indicates a son who does not fail to obey and respect his parents.

A pregnant woman sees a lamb in a dream

It signifies giving birth to a boy. To see a sheep in a dream is a sign of a woman. Whoever sees that he has reached the sheep will marry the woman. It indicates that anyone who sees the sheep walking in front of him will fall in love with a woman, but will not reach his goal and give up.

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To dream of milking a sheep

It means he will do a good deed for that year. Healthy sheep are a sign of happiness. Unhealthy sheep mean that you will be unhappy because of a wrong step in business. If the sheep are fat, clean and healthy, it is a very important success and fortune.

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