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Lips Dream Interpretation


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Lips Dream Interpretation

What does it imply to dream a Lips Dream Interpretation you? To see a smooth lip in a dream indicates that you will say the word effectively, and that your relatives and friends will be auspicious. Lips; It represents a person’s sustenance, secrets, door lock, eating and drinking, joy and sorrow. To see a split lip in a dream to backbite someone; The appearance of herpes on the lips is tired of the emergence of a joyful situation. Swelling, fading and bruising of the lip to aging, illness or death. To see lips in your dream indicates that you will be in good health and you will enjoy making others happy.

Lips Dream Interpretation, Seeing Lips in a Dream

Lips Dream Interpretation, Plump soft lips seen in a dream herald happiness and power. You will receive your love in return, it means that when you love, he will love you. Thin lips indicate that you will get rid of all troubles. Full and soft lips are a sign of happiness and power. Your love will not go unrequited. Thin lips indicate the presence of an insidious enemy.

Seeing Ugly Lips in a Dream

Lips Dream Interpretation, Seeing beautiful lips in a dream is good news, happiness. Ugly lips, on the other hand, indicate that there is someone jealous around the person. The lip seen in the dream indicates the help and expressive power of a man who is proud of himself, or a friend with whom he is honored. The lower lip is more virtuous than the upper lip. The upper lip is the friend of the dreamer and the person he trusts in all his affairs.

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Lips; They replace blood, children and relatives. If he sees that he has aches and pains on his lips in a dream, it indicates that the affairs of their friendship are not going as well as they should.

Seeing a Cut Lips in a Dream

It indicates that the person who sees his lip cut off in a dream will be abusive. If his lower lip is cut, the person who helps him in his affairs will not come near him. The blessing of a person who sees that his upper lip has been separated from its place will be removed from the religion. Whoever sees that his lower lip is separated, his wife dies or divorces him. The lower lip, seen as clefted, with two ladies; The upper lip is also referred to as two friends. If he sees that his cleft lip has healed, the two friends of that person will comply with his desire at work.

If he sees that his cleft lip has been cut, his two friends will leave him. The lip is the strength, ornament and relatives of the man. To see a lips in a dream symbolizes healing from diseases, getting rid of the sorrow and grief of a person who cannot suffer from someone else.

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Seeing Beautiful Lips in a Dream

Lips sometimes signify gatekeepers, guards, doors and locks, and sometimes knowledge, guidance, eating, drinking, joy, sorrow and keeping secrets secret.

Using Your Lips in a Dream

Lips Dream Interpretation, To see lips in a dream sometimes indicates that those who play whistle, zurna and similar things and make woodwind instruments have an abundance of livelihood. Thinness and redness of the lips; to correct speech, to the right path, and to the good and pleasant formation of things to eat and drink; The color of the sky is a sign of stupidity and inability to bring evidence to the lawsuit, and discomfort in income and livelihood. For the patient, the blackness and opacity of the lips indicates that the patient will die.

To see full, soft lips in a dream is a sign of happiness and power. Your love will not go unrequited and you will receive a return from the person you like. Thin lips mean that you will overcome all kinds of problems.

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