Rain Dream Interpretation

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To rain in a dream is a sign of abundance as is known in precise life. This instance would not change in dreams.

Danyâl (AS) said: Rain is sweet and Allah’s mercy. To see that it rains on the anticipated time as desired; it is prosperity and abundance. Seeing heavy rain on a house or neighborhood; He is the harbinger of sickness or disaster that may occur there. It is good and harmful for the rain to pour down calmly. Seeing rain initially of the 12 months or month; It signifies that there might be abundance, blessing and cheapness in that month or 12 months. see the flood; It is a sign that those who dwell there’ll experience good sorrow.

Seeing Rain Drizzle in a Dream

The affected individual, who sees that the rain is pouring in his dream, is healed. If the rain is heavy and cloudy, he’ll cross away. Sirin says: Heavy, cloudy and long-lasting rain; signifies sickness, affliction, and hostile invasion. The one who sees that he is washed with rain water is protected towards concern.

Listening to the Sound of Rain in a Dream

Anyone who sees the sound of the rain particles helpful properties an necessary rank and fame. The one who sees that streams and floods transfer spherical with heavy rain, nonetheless they do not damage him, suffers the victimization of the federal authorities. Nonetheless, he survives.

Seeing Water Flowing Like Rain in a Dream

To see water flowing like rain from the sky; It is a harbinger of the sickness and torment that may occur in that space. Ingesting from clear rainwater; what’s up. If the water is cloudy; the dreamer will get sick. If rain water is meant to be ghusl or ablution; is actuality inside the life of religion and the world.

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