Seeing Jeweler in A Dream Interpretation

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If you see a jeweler in your dream, it indicates that you will encounter fraud and lying. This dream is also interpreted as knowledge, the right path, filial piety, and marriage.

Seeing Someone Selling Their Wrought Gold In A Dream

Glad to see the one who sells the wrought gold; knowledge, guidance, joy, marriage, or filial piety; The goldsmith who works in gold denotes a deceitful, liar, and a hypocritical person.

He is interpreted as a wealthy, powerful, selfish person who thinks about taking advantage of the fortunes of others.

Seeing a jeweler in a dream is a harsh, smug, arrogant, superior person.

Seeing a jeweler in a dream is a sign of happiness.

To dream that you are in a jewelry store and looking at some gold items indicates that you are preparing for a book or thinking of rhyme to write a poem.

According to Cabir-ül Mogribi; To see a jeweler in your dream refers to knowledge, joy, marriage, and a child.

Cafer Sadik (RA) interprets seeing a jeweler in four ways; distant relative, familiar friend, artist, job. According to another rumor, seeing a jeweler or a person who sells processed gold in a dream means happiness; sometimes this dream is a sign of someone who combines truth with falsehood.

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Seeing a jeweler in a dream indicates hypocrisy, lying, mischief, and deceit.

A jeweler is a shy and liar who does not have good in himself. To see a jeweler he does not know in a dream is a sign of someone who puts words into a mold and invents false words.

A person who sees that gold and silver comes out of the fire and then puts it into the fire and angers it in a dream indicates that he is a liar and causes strife among the people. Whoever sees that he has placed jewelry on gold and silver indicates that he is a person who works to improve relations between people in a dangerous business that starts with bad and ends with good.

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