Spider Dream Interpretation

What does a spider symbolize? What does it mean to dream of killing a spider? In the dream, the spider is a symbol representing hidden dangers and threats that do not appear. Spiders can represent a dangerous person. However, they also are a reminder of hidden and invisible negative effects since they belong to the group of arthropods and do not have a skeletal structure. These animals, famous for their netting, also remind us of the hidden traps and dangers. In short, the spider can be representative of anything that is likely to give us the feeling of being trapped or being in danger.

Spider Dream Meaning

Spider in the dream is about worries about life and fears. This dream also is seen when we experience the danger of being trapped. This animal, famous for its web, appears in our dreams when we feel that the enemies are patiently trapping us. People who see a spider weaving a web feels that the enemy is sneaking in the background. Sometimes, a spider can represent negative thoughts of a woman or conflict with women. Too many spiders in the dream can mean falling into a woman’s trap.

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Seeing More Than One Spider

Seeing more than one spider is an indication of our fears. When small fears or worries come together, our lives will become negative. Sometimes each of the spiders is negative subconscious codes. These codes are the sum of the thought patterns that we have accumulated in our subconscious since the day we were born. The more spiders in a dream, the greater the number of codes. Also, they adversely affect our decisions. Sometimes, even if we want to change something that we do not like, these negative subconscious codes can block us.

Spider Web

A spider web in a dream is a symbol of a trap, but this trap may mean very different things to you. Depending on how you feel, you must first interpret this dream by trying to understand exactly who or why this spider web is built. Generally, spider webs are very thin, transparent, or invisible traps; therefore, they point out the dangers and pitfalls that are difficult to notice in this way. In the dream, the spider web is also associated with the metaphor of fear of being trapped. It can also represent complex tasks or complex situations. An entangled spider web tells you that some problems must be solved first. The spider web also represents just one part of ​​life. Therefore, an entangled spider web warns us that things should not go well in some area of ​​life and that some radical decisions must be made.

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Killing A Spider

Killing a spider in a dream is about getting rid of the fear of trapping or believing that you can defeat enemies. This dream can be a sign of self-confidence that it is strong enough to cope with all the dangers you may encounter during your life journey. In short, the spider is a hidden enemy or hidden danger, but wanting to kill the spider in a dream indicates that these hidden enemies or dangers are not a huge threat to you.

A Spider In A House

A spider or spiders in the house in the dream is a sign that you will experience some unpleasant situations that disturb the whole household. It is highly probable that you will have an argument with your family or deal with a small but irritating and distressing event.

A Black and Big Spider 

A black and big spider signifies that you will find yourself in the middle of a bad situation and spend sleepless nights because of an opponent who is hostile to you and who does everything to cause harm. At the same time, it also points out that a recently signed agreement will be broken.

Spider Walking On You

Spider walking on you is an indication of experiencing trouble events. It will be a tough period for you, and you may also discuss with a person you love so much.

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