Tree Dream Interpretation

What does a tree indicate? What does it mean to cut down a tree in a dream? The dream of seeing a tree is interpreted with life energy, the most classical meaning. The person who sees this dream should pay attention to some issues related to the tree she/he sees. A dry tree indicates unhealthy or drought, green tree means productivity, and a tall tree is a sign of long life.

Tree Dream Meaning

A tree in the dream gives information about a person’s life situation. The body of the tree is the symbol of what we have done for ourselves and what we have achieved throughout our lives, and all of our substructure. Its leaves show us what we have achieved as a result of all these efforts, and all the material and spiritual things we are attached. The branches of the tree also inform us of all the networks we have, the relationships we have established, and our connections. Anyone who sees a tree branch broken can lose a friend or loved one. Those who see the branches of a green tree will have new friends. It is time for this person to get the positive results of what they have done in the past and what they have planted.

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A Giant Tree

The giant tree in the dream reminds us that we are connected to everything and everyone in the world very strongly. In the dream, the branches of a big tree symbolize the people we know, the contacts we make, and all the relationships we establish in real and internet. The root of this tree is the symbol of our connection to nature and therefore to all humanity. It is also a reminder of the powerful life energy we have and all the opportunities we have at hand.

Cutting Down A Tree

Cutting down a tree in a dream is not good and is a sign of loss. Cutting down a tree with your own hands indicates either break up with a friend or rejects a big opportunity. Another interpretation of tree cutting is to do not allow a person for anything. For example, if a father does not allow his son to study he wants, he must return to this decision as soon as possible and allow his son to discover his potential. If you think of saying no to a job opportunity, you should say yes to that job, because there are great opportunities for you in that job.

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Planting A Tree

It is one of the most beautiful dreams and points out that some works should start now, and that you finish that work patiently. In the end, you will earn what you deserved. It also may indicate that pregnancy news may be received in the near future.

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Tree Leaves Dream Meaning

Tree leaves seen in the dream informs us of all the results we received or will receive. The green leaves of the tree are a sign of getting good results. A dry and leafless tree is a sign of financial problems.

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