Violin Dream Interpretation

What does a violin symbolize? What does the broken violin strings indicate? To see the violin in the dream or to hear the sound of the violin is the metaphor of rising sounds in our lives created by our subconscious. In fact, like all the instruments in our dream, the violin brings information about the people we meet in our life, and the words we hear from them. Let’s look at the violin dream meaning.

Violin Dream Meaning

Seeing the violin in the dream signifies luck, fortune, joy, and happiness. It points out that people who have a violin will go on their way of life, their troubles will end, and they will receive joyful news. A violin in a dream also indicates that they will find happiness in their love life. Making beautiful music with a violin in a dream and listening to this music is about gesture, compliment, good news, and words from others. However, if the music is scratching or bad, it is a symbol of complaints and words that upset us.

Hearing Violin Sound

The violin sound in the dream contains information about the words from a person who is very close to us or influences us in our lives. Hearing a  beautiful music sound from a violin is a sign to hear a good word from someone or to get a compliment from someone. So, hearing violin sound indicates that you will have exciting and happy developments in your life. Also, you may tell about your feelings to a person, or someone will confess his or her love to you.

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Playing Violin

Playing violin is a representation of success, happiness, peace, and earnings. It indicates that you will have good developments in your life, your works will go well, and you will be happy in love.

The Violin Bow

Seeing the violin bow in the dream is to get rid of troubles and achieve happiness. You will enter into a beautiful period and will be happy by receiving some news.

Broken Violin Strings

Broken violin strings in the dream point to distress, problems, and obstacles. It points out that you will face sudden problems and obstacles and enter into a bad period.

Buying A Violin

Seeing that you buy a violin in a dream indicates developments, success, and happiness related to business life. It points out that the person who buys the violin will advance in business life, will be in a high position, will be successful, and his or her works will go well. Buying a violin also is an indication of authority and reputation.

Bottom Line

Here, we explained the dream meaning of violin. Playing violin and hearing a violin in a dream is sometimes about group work and combining different talents to produce a beautiful piece that will benefit humanity. Click here to look at “Guitar Dream Interpretation”.

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