Wall Dream Interpretation

What do walls indicate? What does it mean to dream of tearing down a wall? The walls in the dream give information about the boundary lines and obstacles in our lives. Although our minds do not realize these walls, walls sometimes protect us from external factors and dangers and do not allow people to come closer to us. People who see a wall in front of them will face an obstacle or a person who tries to stop the course of their life. You can look at the rest of the text for additional information about wall dream meaning.

Wall Dream Meaning

The wall in the dream is sometimes the boundary line between our inner or outer world. Thick and hard walls indicate a personality that does not reflect our nature to the outside, and thin walls indicate that we express our inner world to the outside world. Everything that happens in four walls in a dream is what happens in our inner world, our thoughts. What is happening outside the walls provides information about what happens in our outer world, in our social life, and in areas where people see us. In the dream, walls can also be the symbol of mental defense mechanisms we use to protect ourselves, all the sets we draw between us and the outside world, and everything we use to hide from the outside world. The wall built between two people is always the symbol of separation, staying away from each other, not getting close, or getting together. There are barriers for people in two different rooms with walls.

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Building A Wall

Building walls is about preventing other people from getting close to us or refusing to put them in the center of our lives. We even refuse to help someone in some situations. In some dreams, building walls is to build an obstacle. Although we are not aware, we either equip our own life with obstacles or make others’ lives difficult with some stereotyped thoughts.

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The Walls Of A House

In a dream, the walls of a house are a separation and categorization tool. The rooms of a house are separated by walls, and in fact, each of the rooms has different dream meanings. In short, the walls seen in the dream are boundary lines in our lives. Sometimes we can build these boundaries between people, and sometimes these boundary lines are built by our subconscious mind to separate events or different areas of life. One room may represent love life, other room financial issues, or even another room health. So, these walls are about separating the issues of work, love, and health in their inner world.

Be Surrounded By Walls

In a dream, being surrounded by walls is a sign of isolation. You either feel that your life is surrounded by obstacles or you have built the walls to protect yourself from certain dangers. The fact that a room without a door in a dream is only surrounded by walls indicates that there is no way out yet.

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Tearing Down A Wall

Tearing down a wall is to eliminate the obstacles. You will get rid of objects limiting you in real life. For some, the dream is to reveal the hidden emotion. If a married person sees this dream, this person should be careful not to harm his/her marriage and household. Destroying an outside wall, not at home, makes a strong move against an enemy or obstacle, defeating the enemy or overcoming the obstacle.

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