A Plate Dream Interpretation

A Plate Dream Meaning

To see a plate in a dream indicates the things that a person pursues for his sustenance and bread money. All the troubles and thoughts of the dream owner in life are to live without needing anyone, without coming to the door of creditors and without entering into big debts. He looks for ways to live comfortably in it.

The person who sees a plate in his dream does not have an eye on such big positions, big jobs and lots of money. He is not greedy, what he wants is to have a hot bowl of soup at his house every day and to have his stomach full. This person will never covet haram, and he will never shelter those who dare to haram. To see a plate in a dream means that the dreamer meets good people and experiences auspicious events thanks to his good and clean intentions.

Buying a Plate in a Dream

It is defined as the progress of the work that the dream owner is after for his own benefit and bringing goodness to him. The person who sees that he has bought a plate in his dream will put his business life in order, thus, his stopped jobs will be opened and he will have many good works.

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Breaking a Plate in a Dream

It means disappointment and grief. Something the dreamer desires will not come true, and the dreamer will experience a great heartbreak and disappointment and will not be able to overcome this for a long time.

Washing Plates in a Dream

If the dreamer does not make his account and does not book well, he must make a profit, but on the contrary he will make a loss. The dreamer is actually a person with a good income, but because he does not pay attention to his expenses and spends unnecessarily, he always returns instead of going forward.

Receiving a Plate Gift in a Dream

It is expressed as the fact that the dreamer receives the news he wants very much or gets positive results about a job he wants very much and is happy. It also means wealth.

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