Chain Dream Interpretation

What does the chain symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about being chained?  In the most general sense, the chain seen in the dream is a symbol of limitation of freedom, binding, or restricting our actions. This object is about not being able to do what you want and preventing travel. In short, the chain in the dream may represent anything that limits your freedom. Let’s look at the chain dream meaning in the rest of the text.

Chain Dream Meaning

It is about not being able to get out of your shell, not discovering your inner potential, or being surrounded. The person who sees this dream feels weak and defeated by a person or a problem. The person chained in the dream is the person who surrendered and gave up the struggle. If you have seen a chain in your dream, it means that you will accept a situation or a person that you do not want. You will most likely stop fighting and resisting a problem and leave yourself to the flow of life.

Being Chained

Being chained in a dream is about being trapped and not being able to feel free. You will probably lead a life in which you always do the same things in a very small living space and cannot overcome problems. This dream can sometimes be seen by someone who lives in a small village or town. In this case, you may wish to see different cities and countries and to get out of the small town. However, you cannot travel as you want because of obstacles and problems in your life.

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Escape From Being Tied Up With Chains

Escape from being chained in a dream is about liberating, traveling, or discovering the potential within you. Now, it is time to take control of your life. Getting rid of the chain is also about the elimination of barriers and the release of authority. You will feel freer than ever, and it is now possible for you to do something you desire.

Seeing Your Hands Chained

Hands are the organs that manage all the activities we do. Crafts, using computers, or everything we do with our hands are under the control of this organ. Hands are also organs in which we perform the give-and-take action. For this reason, you are not allowed to do one or more of all these activities. This dream indicated that someone tries to stop you receive or give something to someone. You can also look at ‘Hand Dream Meaning‘.

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