Airport Dream Interpretation

What does an airport symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about a plane landing?  An airport in a dream indicates that there will be very fast and unobstructed progress soon. Unlike other vehicles, planes are representative of assistance that will lead us directly to our goal without waiting at any stop or waiting point. Therefore, the airport is a metaphor that reminds us of the things we have to do before this help. Let’s look at the dream meaning of airports.

Airport Dream Meaning

Dreams about airports include information on the elimination of the last obstacles on our way to the goal and start to the final preparations. Since the airport is a point where we do the final things before the flight, this dream can be the representative of the last move for you or the last step to be taken before a job. You must pay attention to who is with you at the airport in this dream because the passengers who will get on the plane with you are the same people (the same direction). Everything that happens at the airport indicates that you will experience in this preparation process. The person who sees that there is a problem at the airport will encounter a problem when a task almost finishes. For some, the airport is also a milestone for the person or a metaphor of two lives. There are two different periods which are very big differences in a person’s life, before and after the flight. Pre-flight is always the period where life is slower and in slow progress, while after the flight represents the period of full of acceleration in success or personal growth. You can also look at “Pilot Dream Interpretation“.

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Being At The Airport

Being at the airport in a dream always indicates that you will experience a change in job or home. Besides, an airport is a transition period and a stage metaphor for which you prepare for change. You will take care of the last things you need to do before moving towards a destination and starts your journey.

Airport Dream Interpretation

A Plane Landing At The Airport

A plane landing at the airport in the dream always provides information about those who will enter our lives or new situations. This dream can sometimes be about the newborns, the infants, sometimes new processes and the ones that will enter our lives. Every plane landing is a representative of something that will enter our lives very soon even if we have seen it from a distance.

A Plane Taking OFF 

Planes taking off in the dream contain information about what has come out of our lives, what we say goodbye, or what we give up. This dream can sometimes reflect the processes we no longer want or close. Something has come to an end for us. We can say goodbye to an ex, to start forgetting someone, or to let something out of our life. Rarely, there is a possibility that the plane departing from the airport may point to a person who has passed away. For some, it may be an indication of a missed opportunity or an offer that will not be offered to us again.

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