Whale Dream Interpretation

What does a whale symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about whaling? Dreams about whales symbolize the ability to understand emotions, awareness, to move with the community, to live in harmony, and balance in real life. Whales are living creatures living in the depths of the seas representing their emotions and consciousness and only creatures that share the same features with creatures living on the land. Let’s look at the dream meaning of whales. 

Whale Dream Meaning

A whale in a dream symbolizes the coming out unexplored sides of the subconscious, high intelligence, emotions, living with the community, and communication issues. They may have different meanings depending on how you see the whale in the dream and the emotions felt. A whale represents your emotions, your position in social life, and your relationship with your friends, companies, or family. Seeing a whale in a dream points to more money to earn and success in business.  It can also be an indication of marriage for single people and having a baby for married people. Whales also provide information about your characteristics. It means getting away from people around you and being alone because of the time and effort you spend to earn more. Sometimes a whale in a dream emphasizes that you are having communication problems with the outside world and informs you that you will have the opportunity to fix this situation. The killer whale is a sign that you will be comfortable again after a long break.

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A Pod of Whales

Seeing a pod of whales in a dream represents one’s fears to fail. However, people who see a pod of whales will get rid of poverty and live in abundance and wealth. It also points to the business offers that you will receive from successive companies. Seeing a pod of whales in a dream also represents that you may have to go on a long vacation for the company you work.

Swimming With A Whale

Swimming with a whale in a dream indicates you will recognize the obstacles in your works and try to make your way and proceeds on the right path. Being on the top of whale indicates that you will achieve success and be a well-known artist or manager. Also, look at “Swimming Dream Interpretation“.

Dreams About Whaling (Hunting of Whales)

Dreams about whaling are about having fame by achieving success in the subject you have worked for a long time. It also indicates that you will have enough money to afford your wishes, needs, and desires. Catching a whale also points out that you will have an opportunity to change your life.

Killing A Whale

People who kill a whale or whales in the dream will have some obstacles and problems like financial or health problems. However, killing a whale indicates that these people are strong enough to take responsibilities to overcome all the things that blocked them to continue their way peacefully.

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A Blue Whale

Seeing a blue whale in the dream is an indication of having a respectable position in the business life, and get reputation after being successful on the work you have spent time for a long time to finish A blue whale also is a symbol of peacefulness, fame, wealth, and abundance. You can also look at “Sea Dream Interpretation“.

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