Alcohol Dream Interpretation

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While some people dream that they are only drinking alcohol, some people may see that they are drunk from alcohol. For this reason, many different dreams about drinking alcohol can be seen in the dream, and the meaning of these dreams is also different. Here are the meanings of drinking in a dream and being drunk from alcohol for you… Seeing a drink in a dream is interpreted as a property or profit that has been earned by trickery and cunning.

Drinking in a Dream

To see that you are drinking alcohol in your dream indicates that you have left the right path. The dreamer who sees that he often drinks from a nice drinking glass in his dream means that he will have a property or money that he has no right to.

Dreaming of Drinking

For the dreamer who dreams that he mixes the drink with water and drinks it, there are several interpretations of this dream.

This dream indicates that the owner of the dream has not halal as well as halal property. It also indicates that this person will have property on which several people have rights, such as his father’s property, or property that is seized by a woman and will cause problems. Also, drinking alcohol in a dream is interpreted as a bad woman.

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Drinking in a Dream and Regret Afterward

To have a drink in a dream and then regret it indicates experiencing restlessness, dissatisfaction and unhappiness after a job to be done with the intention of being good, a place to be visited or an organization to be involved.

Drinking alcohol at home and regretting afterwards means that the dreamer does things that will cause embarrassment to the elders of the family and to be unable to look at them.

Drinking a drink in a tavern in a dream and regretting it afterward indicates that the dreamer cannot make use of an opportunity that comes his way correctly, that a promise or action is overdone, in other words, it goes beyond its purpose. In other words, it is interpreted as getting into bad situations while actually enjoying it.

Drinking in a Dream but Not Getting Drunk

If the dreamer sees that he is not drunk if he drinks a lot in his dream, it indicates that the person who sees the dream has an aspect that he sees as a disadvantage and that he is also negatively affected from time to time.

Drinking a glass of alcohol in a dream and not getting drunk afterward means facing a situation that requires not being discussed, raised, and not upset by worrying.

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If the dreamer sees that he is drinking lightly and is not drunk in a dream, it means making less effort than necessary to achieve a goal and therefore not being able to reach the goal. Drinking a strong drink in a dream and not getting drunk in spite of it refers to a good or a job that cannot be obtained after doing your best.

Wanting to Drink in a Dream

If the dreamer sees that he wants to drink but cannot find a drink, it denotes that he is deprived of an opportunity that is not compulsory or vital, but only for fun and pleasure. In other words, it means not being able to benefit from an opportunity that would not bring sickness, difficulty, trouble or misery without it.

Wanting to drink a drink in a mosque in a dream indicates that the dreamer will get into trouble, jeopardize his safety and become a criminal because of every word that will be said in an unlikely place. To want to drink alcohol at home in your dream means that you will want to use one’s right.

Drinking While Pregnant

If the dreamer drinks while pregnant in a dream, it is interpreted that he does not care about the possibility of harming himself and his loved ones by succumbing to his will, knowing that the result will be bad. If the dreamer sees that he is drinking in the hospital while pregnant, it is interpreted as a step that he will take without breaking a rule or ban.

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