Apartment Building Dream Interpretation

What does an apartment building symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about being in an apartment building? An apartment building in the dream is a kind of grouping in our subconscious. The members of the same group are people in the same apartment. People in an apartment building can sometimes be members of the same family, sometimes employees of the same workplace, people living in the same city, people of the same profession, or even patients with the same disease. Our subconscious builds the building to gather all these people in the same group. In this case, the people entering and leaving the building are the ones who are in the group or leave the group. Let’s look at the dream meaning of apartment building.

Apartment Building Dream Meaning

An apartment building is the grouping criterion of the subconscious, so it is sometimes possible to see people who share common goals or same ideas because the building unites these people under one roof, not physically but spiritually and divides them into groups. For example, a young person who prepares for university can dream of many people preparing for university in the same apartment building. It is also the symbol of every place where crowds and communities come together, and these places can be in social media or virtual world, not in the physical world we live. The apartment building is the symbol of a place such as a home, workplace, or city. In and out of the building is the symbol of those who come to or leave this place. Besides, those who leave the apartment building may also represent people who go abroad or who have passed away. It can sometimes symbolize one’s life. Those entering and leaving the building are the people we encounter in their lives.

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Dreams About Apartment Buildings

The Collapse Of An Apartment Building

It is a sign that an ending of an institution or organization, or structure that brings people together. This dream can sometimes be a sign of divorce or disruption of family unity. It is time for something to end and collapse. If the apartment building is an old one that needs to be collapsed, it is sometimes to give up the old one for the new or death of a person. The person who sees this dream removes something old and outmoded and takes the new one into his or her life instead. If a new apartment building has collapsed in your dream, it can be a sign of the death of a young person or the sudden changes that will put the person into trouble.

An Old Apartment Building

The old apartment building seen in the dream can become a symbol of everything that is outdated and needs updating. It may be warning us that it is time to demolish certain things and that this destruction is a must. These dreams indicate that it is time to say goodbye to the old one so that the new one can enter our life. It can be a change of place, work, or even the way of thinking.

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Being In An Apartment Building

Being in an apartment building is to go to a place or to join a group. Everyone gathered under the same roof is the symbol of people who are members of the same group. Those who enter and leave the building are the symbol of those who join or leave the group. Entering an apartment building is actually going to a place.

An Apartment Building Construction

An apartment building construction is one of the dreams that invite us to be patient about our works. This dream can be about pregnancy. The state of construction gives information about the state of pregnancy.

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