Hands Dream Interpretation

What do hands mean? What does washing your hands in a dream mean? Seeing hands in a dream provides information about all of our daily activities, engagements, everything we receive and give. Our hands are the organs in which we use for exchange. Therefore, seeing our hands in a dream provides information about what life has given us and what it has taken from us.  Let’s look at the dream meaning of hands. 

Hand Dream Meaning

Hands in a dream also include a give-and-take theme and represent all our shopping. In this case, the right hand represents what we take (those who enter our lives), and the left hand represents what we give (those that come out of our lives). Everything we hold in our right hand is representative of those who will enter our lives and households. However, those who enter the household are not always positive elements. For example, a new problem enters the life of the people who see that they are holding a bug or something unpleasant in their right hand. In a dream, hands are also representative of all the work we do by hand. A person who sees his or her hands in a beautiful or pleasant situation in the dream may experience some good developments related to the work. Seeing hands in a wounded or unpleasant way indicates that we encounter some unpleasant situations or problems in a job we do with our hands. In short, the hands in a dream can be a symbol of everything we do with our hands.

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Hands Dream Interpretation
Dreams About Hands

Dirty Hands

The most general sense of seeing your hands dirty is to deal with dirty work. You also can work hard and earn too little or work in a job that you are forced to do.

Not Having Hand & Hand Cut Off

It is no good to see your hands cut off in a dream or to see that you do not have hands. There is a possibility that you may have some problems with your profession or say goodbye to it. Hands also bring information about sisters and brothers. Therefore, there is a possibility that you may have some negative news about your sisters or brothers.

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Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands in a dream signifies rolling up and preparing to start a new venture or something. It is a sign that you can solve some business problems, pay the debts, and become more successful in the field of art.

Hands Dream Interpretation
Dreams About Washing Hands

Seeing Your Hands Smaller

Seeing your hands smaller than you have in a dream is a sign that you may not find what you hope for a purchase. This dream can be considered bad, but it is not always bad news. It can signify to receive only part of what is intended to be taken.

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Seeing Your Hands Bigger

Seeing your hands bigger than you have indicates that you will take more than you expect if you are expecting money or goods. In a dream, hands also bring knowledge of hand skills and art that the person is engaged.

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