Chimney Dream Interpretation

What does a chimney symbolize? What is the meaning of dreaming about the chimney? Seeing a chimney in a dream is a symbol of home. The way you see the chimney in the dream gives information about your future. Seeing a new, clean, and beautiful chimney in a dream indicates that you will change in a good way. You may move to a new place, start a new job, taste new excitement, or buy new items.

These changes may scare you right now, but you should know that you will always be happy in the end.  A chimney in dreams is also associated with abundance and wealth. It signifies that you will have a high income or a large property. Let’s look at the dream interpretation of chimney.

Seeing chimney-smoke in a Dream

Chimney-smoke in a dream signifies good days. It indicates that your problems will end, your financial situation will improve, and you will live the life that you want. Seeing chimney-smoke in the dream also is a symbol of good news. You will get the news that you have never expected and will feel a great relief in the end.

Chimney Dream Interpretation
Cleaning Chimney in a Dream

Cleaning Chimney in a Dream

Cleaning the chimney in a dream is associated with luck. It indicates that you will get rid of all the malicious, evil-eyed people around you and live a more comfortable and carefree life.

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Demolition of Chimney Dream Meaning

Seeing demolition of the chimney in a dream is not a good sign, and it is an indication that there may be problems in the household. You may have disagreements with others for a long time. There will be disagreement between people that you live together, and it will make you upset during this time. Demolition of the chimney also is a symbol of bad luck.

Seeing Chimney Soot in a Dream

Seeing chimney soot in a dream is interpreted in two different ways. If you see chimney soot at your home, it is associated with distress, stress, sadness, illness, depression, and grief. However, seeing chimney soot in the chimney signifies that you will soon be relieved financially and be a rich famous person.

Here we just explain chimney dream meanings in the text above. Share your dreams with us.

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