Hell Dream Interpretation

What does hell symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about entering hell? In a dream, hell is the symbol of the punishment day that our subconscious symbolically builds for us. It also is representative of a bad result, as opposed to receiving the expected reward after the end of a process.

Dreams about hell point out that after a series of events that you will experience one after another, your happiness and peace will be ruined. Also, hell is the representative of darkness, evil, and feelings such as selfishness, egoism, arrogance, hatred, and violence. Let’s look at the dream meaning of hell and the gate of hell in the text below.

Hell Dream Meaning

Dreams about heaven and hell are symbolically opposite and related to the themes of reward and punishment. Therefore, heaven is always a place where we will get good results and rewards. Hell, on the contrary, represents the place where we get bad results or punishments. Those who deal with good and useful works in the past will receive their rewards one day.

Those who did not do anything in the past, or who got involved in bad things, find themselves in a place they do not want as a result of their work. Dreams about hell is a symbol of being in an unwanted life, but it is still related to what you have done in the past. Hell in a dream also represents to be into a process where we will have to pay the price of all the past mistakes. You must prepare yourself for the tough periods ahead.

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Hell Dream Interpretation
Hell Dream Interpretation

Dreams About Entering Hell

Seeing that you enter hell is a representation of entering into a challenging process in daily life. Spiritually, entering to hell represents an undesired process. You will experience great troubles in your inner world or enter a depressive process. It can also be a warning that you have made a very bad decision or are about to take it.

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The Gate Of Hell

Seeing the gate of hell is a warning about the beginning of a tough process. Sometimes this dream is the message of never getting involved in a work. Dreams about heaven and hell, which are the opposite of each other, the gate of heaven always symbolizes chance or opportunity. However, on the contrary, the gate of hell gives the message of “dead-end”  that we must turn back.

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The gate of hell also is a metaphor of a locked gate or a forbidden zone, and it represents the areas that you should not enter. If you want to change your career, this dream indicates that you will get into trouble after changing your path. Besides, the gate of hell can signify a relationship or marriage that will end badly.


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