Funeral Dream Interpretation

What does a funeral symbolize? What does it mean to dream of attending your funeral? The funeral in a dream is to accept an end and to share it with the public. It means that you will close a page. The funeral is sometimes the symbol of a migration from one life to another or from one place to another. The funeral is sometimes an end, and immediately after that, it represents the preparations for a new beginning. Let’s look at the dream meaning of funeral below.

Funeral Dream Meaning

The funeral in the dream is also the symbol of an end of a period or relationship. This dream is also the symbol of entering into the period in which migration from one life to another or from one place to another begins. The funeral in the dream is also an indication of leaving the past your behind. You will accept that something is over, and you will take your first step towards the future. It can sometimes be to make the first move, sometimes just to make a decision. A funeral in a dream is also a sign of great changes, going to a different place, or encountering new laws or rules.

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Attending A Funeral

Attending a funeral in a dream is to say goodbye to someone that you love. Participating in a funeral in a dream is sometimes a visit to a person or persons entering a process of change. Sometimes attending a funeral is a stand-by between an end and a beginning in real life. For some, going to the funeral can be a sign of celebration. So, the person who goes to the funeral can go to a wedding in real life or congratulate someone who changes his or her place.

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Funeral Of A Person Still Alive

Seeing a funeral of a person still alive is a sign of celebrating or congratulating a change in a person’s life in real life. The person who dies in a dream is someone who is in a process of change. The funeral of this person is to accept, recognize, and congratulate this change. Sometimes a person who dreams of going to the funeral of a person alive can go to this person to congratulate, or to celebrate success. The fact that a person is dead in a dream, even though he is not dead, sometimes represents a person’s break up with you.

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Attending Your Funeral

Seeing your funeral or being in your funeral is a dream of announcing an end society. The funeral in a person’s life is the representative of the changes that can be considered as the age of turning. If you see that you are in your funeral, it indicates that you will experience such an event that a page will be completely closed for you. A new page will be opened, and it is an event that attracts the attention of the society or the environment.

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