Wind Dream Interpretation

What does wind symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about the wind blowing? Seeing the wind in a dream is a sign of encountering events that will change the direction of our lives on our journeys. Our life changes in an instant, and we may move in another direction or travel. In short, wind in a dream is representative of an element that forces change or drives us in a different direction. In a dream, the wind sometimes represents people and guests entering and leaving our lives. Let’s look at the dream meaning of wind.

Wind Dream Meaning

The wind is the representative of the drifting of life in a different direction or compelling factors. Sometimes in the dream, the wind can represent all the elements that push us to the direction we want to go, and even represent friends, agents, or events that will lead us to the end of the thing we have engaged. In a dream, wind can sometimes be representative of people who change our lives or lead us.

Sometimes, the wind is the people who come and have an impact on our lives. Sometimes we may want to change our lives by influencing the ideas or thoughts of others. We can be influenced by the speech or thought of a person or friend when we see the wind in our dream. The wind is representative of the emotions, ideas, or thoughts. All these feelings and thoughts are the impulses that lead us in a different direction. When we wake up, a thought comes to our mind, and we may want to do something or to travel in a different direction.

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Wind Blowing

Wind blowing in the dream is the representative of essential people or occasions that direct our lives. Sometimes, an event changes our lives or drives us in a very different direction or may lead us to travel.  Wind blowing in a dream is sometimes representative of the idea or decision. Strong wind blowing represents ideas or people that can affect our lives to a greater extent and even change the course and direction of our lives.

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Wind Blowing From The Opposite Side

In the dream, the wind blowing from the opposite side is always representative of the obstacles that reduce our speed. The wind is a guiding element, but when it blows in our face, it represents some of the elements that force us to go back, not forward. For some, this dream represents all resistance or force that comes from the opposite side or enemy or all the forces or elements that prevent work from happening.


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