Lion Dream Interpretation

To see a lion in a dream is confronting fears or enemies. For some, a lion is a challenging process that must be overcome in obstacles, difficulties, or destiny. If you see a lion suddenly appear in your dream, you will encounter an enemy or someone you don’t like in your business life or somewhere. In the dream, the person injured by the lion is damaged by the enemy. Let’s look at the dream meaning of lion.

Seeing a Lion in a Dream

The lion in a dream is also about entering a difficult process or tackling a difficult task. Sometimes the lion points to processes in which we will have to defeat an enemy or opponent more powerful or equipped. The only way to go through this process would be to use physical strength and bullying, not sanity. A lion that seems harmless or has no intention to harm you indicates a delicate situation. Maybe, today everything is normal, or there is no danger, but a minor error can lead to serious consequences or losses. To dream of a cute lion is an indication of making peace or reconcile with the enemy.

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Seeing Lions in your Home

If you have seen a lion or lions in your home, you may have to deal with some problems that make your home or family members difficult. Trying to kill these lions or get them out of the house is a sign of dealing with some problems that concern the whole household. Killing the lion entering his home is to eliminate the danger.

Fighting with a Lion

Fighting with a lion means a fight with the enemy. If a man sees that he fights a lion in a dream, he can fight another man for a woman. If you saw a lion eat or kill you,  your enemy is stronger or more equipped than you. When a woman dreams that she is defeated by a lion, her partner leaves her for a more beautiful woman. Fighting a lion in a dream also means that you will be in trouble because of someone who doesn’t like you or an enemy.

Killing a Lion

To kill a lion in a dream is to prevail over the enemy and eliminate the danger. You will also win or solve a very big problem in the challenge you encounter. If a student sees that s/he has killed a lion in a dream, this student pass the exam that is essential to him/her. If a man kills a lion, he will win another man in business or love, taking a job or a partner from another man.

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Being Killed by a Lion

Being killed by a lion in a dream is defeat in business or love. You are crushed by your enemy or opponent, and something is taken from you. If a man dreams that a lion eats or kills himself in a dream, he is defeated by another man in work or love, and he loses a woman or a job to another man and experiences sorrow.

Escape from the Lion

Escaping from the lion is escaping from our fears and problems. Instead of solving some problems, the person who sees this dream chooses to postpone them continuously. It is time for someone to face fears. If you face your fears, you will solve your problems, and you will never see these dreams again. If a woman sees this dream, she should be careful about the possibility of sexual abuse.

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