Ear Dream Interpretation

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To see an ear in a dream refers to the wife of the house or a relative, a faithful and suitable friend, a good child, giving up sin, useful property or joy and comfort. So what does it mean to see an ear in a dream ?

Cutting the Ear in a Dream

To the death of a woman who is close to him; ear enlargement or shrinkage, increase or decrease in the relative; Having a deaf ear indicates not listening to rightful advice and suggestions, tending to disbelief and causing corruption in religion.

Plugging Your Ears in a Dream

To backbite about his family but to care about them; removing earwax, hearing the gospel; Eating earwax indicates repentance or healing. Wearing earrings in the ear in a dream is good for men and women, if the earrings are rusty or worthless, it means sadness; to have many ears, to hear many words and ignore them; plugging someone’s ear with your finger indicates backbiting him.

Seeing Ears in a Dream

There is someone trying to get more detailed information about your private life so that they can hurt you more easily. Be careful and do not trust everyone around you. It’s news. Comments are made by ear.

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To see ears in a dream; It is interpreted with female relatives such as spouse, daughter, sister, aunt and aunt. Seeing a change in your ear in your dream is compared to these women. To see that your ear is cut off in your dream indicates that a female relative will die or leave. Whoever sees that he has put something in his ear or is stung, hears news that he will not be pleased with. To see that your ear is getting bigger or smaller indicates that one of your relatives will leave or enter the house.

To see that your ear is deaf in a dream indicates corruption or blasphemy in your religion. To see that you are cleaning the dirt in your ear is interpreted that you will receive news that you will be pleased with. To see that you are wearing an earring or that it is worn is considered no if the earring is valuable, and evil if it is worthless.

Seeing Many Ears in Your Dream

To see your ear enlarged in a dream is to obey; To see it shrunken is a sign of objecting to every word. He did not want to see that he was plugging his ear with his finger, and that he did not want to hear what was said behind him; Seeing your ear like an animal’s ear does not get tired. Seeing one’s ears covered with hairs is interpreted as the good behavior of the household and their morality.

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According to another narration: Seeing ears is a sign of children, property and rank. Sometimes the ear is a sign of knowledge, intellect, religion and a proud son and relative. Whoever sees that his ear is enlarged and beautiful, or that light comes out or enters, it indicates guidance and obedience to Allah and accepting his orders. It is a sign that a person who sees that his ear is small and that a bad fear enters or leaves him will stray from the truth and go astray and be with something that will prevent God’s punishment.

Cutting off an ear and the absence of an ear in a dream is interpreted as mischief in the world. If a person sees that one ear is growing on his ear in a dream, it indicates that the dreamer will achieve something he desires. If the augmented ear is beautiful, what he desires is also good. To see that you have a lot of ears in your dream indicates various branches of science or that the person who sees the dream does not remain stable. Sometimes the ear is seen, the ear is attached to the ear, etc. It indicates things like. Whoever sees that his ear is like the ear of an animal, his rank will be lost and his respect for him will decrease.

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The wife and daughter of the person who sees that his ear is cut off in the dream and that no one knows about it, is cheated by someone. If he sees that he has relapsed, they will repent and return to their good state. Whoever sees that he has one ear will soon die.

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