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What does a king symbolize? What does it mean to dream of being a king? The king in the dream is an indication of power, authority, and control. This person eliminated problems in his life, became the leader alone, get rid of all his enemies, overcome all the obstacles in front of him, and sat on the top seat. Even though the king is a male figure, this king may be a strong woman with a 20% chance. The person represented by the king is most likely a boss, executive, or leader. At the same time, it is a rule-making and chaos-preventing personality. Let’s look at the king dream meaning in the following text.

King Dream Meaning

Seeing a king in a dream is a symbol of power, authority, and position. Usually, a person who carries all these features in his self appears as a king in a dream.  In the dream, the king is also a control mechanism, sometimes a representative of the state, the laws, or the rules. For some, it represents a structure, institution, or rules and system that must be followed. There are order and harmony in the life of a person who dreams of a happy society and a calm and trouble-free king.  However, seeing a bad and cruel king is sometimes a sign of chaos and confusion to bad governance or bad rulers. The king in the dream provides information about our mental, intellectual, and executive mechanisms. In such dreams, only the decisions and the results of these decisions are essential. The King’s actions affect this decision-making mechanism and all those who are affected by these decisions and the whole system. The fact that the king gives an order is the symbol of the tasks we will face in daily life. The king is the only decision-making and guiding mechanism of our system.

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Being A King

People who see that they are a king in the dream rise in position and sit at a peak. Sometimes it indicates to take power or to become a company manager. If you are unemployed, you get a job. Or, if you are a student, you will pass your exams. In the dream, the king reaches the desired peak and becomes happy. Being a king also indicates to take control of his life. For some, the king is about having power and money, gaining economic freedom, or being a leader. If a politician sees this dream, he will be chosen in the elections.

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The King’s Death

The king’s death in a dream is not a good sign. It is an indication of the chaos or the mismanagement. The death of the king sometimes can be a representation of death. It may indicate that the death of a politician, a manager, or a very significant person may affect you deeply. The death of an evil or cruel king also is a sign of chaos or being defeated by a strong enemy.

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